• Mittwoch, 1. April 2020 00:31

The Time Has Come!

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At over 175 Members we will continue to still recruit but the time has come for Dedicated Healers and Dedicated Tanks to come together on Discord! DPS are MORE than welcome!

We need to start getting our Healers used to our tanks and tanks used to our healers! Voice Comms make this sooo much easier! 

DpS need to start working with both and believe me things will go so much smother that you will never want to PuG again!

Healers are encouraged to pal up with Tanks for leveling and DpS is encouraged to make it a whole lot faster for them!

Start getting used to the play style of each other, get used to the voices on Discord so you know without looking who is who!

This is the FIRST STEP into not only Dungeon Crawling but a Prerequisite of Raiding!

If you are too shy or casual for that then that is ok just do not complain when folks that work together for the Guild get spots first.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST! Dedicated Guild Crafters PLEASE advertise your craft and even post in our forum what you are willing to craft for Guild mates as well as material costs and any type of tip you expect!


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